Industrial shed Design: Industrial shed is a type of building that can be used for various purposes such as storage, production, and transportation. It can be made in various manners depending on the requirements of the industry.

Vision: The design and construction of an industrial shed should be considered carefully to ensure that it meets the requirements of the industry and its environment. Aside from that, it should also be designed with the necessary features to minimize its environmental impact.

Industrial shed Design: What do we do?

We provide industrial shed construction services for various industries such as factories, warehouses, godowns, workshops, and machinery plants. We can also design and construct prefabricated structures.


Process of Work:

  • Analyzing the site in light of industrial norms and discussing the needs
  • Conceptual Design Phase
  • Development of Design
  • Detailed working drawings, structural design drawings.
  • Estimate and flowchart
  • Providing supervision on demand.     

Why Us?   
A structural design team with industry experience is capable of analyzing structural loads, material strength, and material calculations. Taking        into consideration safety and health factors of all working personnel as part of the industrial work flow is our forte.

We offer the following services in three ways.

 1 Creating floor plans & conceptual designs

 2 Detailed rendering of the plan in 3D

 3 Provides vendors for hassle-free complete turnkey solutions

I want this service 

Concept & Floor Plan

We provides you concepts of your space and floor plan layout for further design development.

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3D Virtual Reality Design

We provides you execellent 3D realiastic architecture structrual interior design photos for your factory space.

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Turnkey Solution

Turnkey solution for your Industrial Factory architectural structrual interior exterior project from start to finish.

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