How to start your dream Interior design project from scratch to finish work ?

How to start your dream Interior design project from scratch to finish work ?

How to start your dream Interior design project from scratch to finish work ?

**Role of client **

Interior design is a vast subject in terms of every aspects. if you are ready to design your home then choose an interior designer very wisely. Being a client, make sure that what's your role ? Which kind of services your Interior designer going to provides in the package ? Firstly as a client your property paper should be clear in terms of laws. You should have a knowledge of your property area. What is built up area and what is super built up area. You should know room sizes. enter image description here

You have a specific list of your requirements for each room and also a family member's personal and specific choices. start with two or three meetings with designer you have to explain everything about your likes, choices, lifestyle, family members views, your business and even very small wish of your dream home. Equally strong side of your financial cap about upcoming interior design project It must informed to your interior designer.

Do Not share your design idea with your interior designer. You hired them for that. Give your interior designer a free hand for developing concepts. Before engaging an interior designer be aware of their role too. Ask a list of services including in the mentioned project .And make sure about your expectations from them. If you are keen to complete your work within a certain time limit then ask for a detailed bar chart of work. Even make sure about their working agencies current work on hand project. Interior designers are very creative people. But they are making your home for comfort and ease living. Interior designer will understood and designed according to what was given by your brief about your dreams. In your place you cannot understand drawing language for that always ask for 3D visualization. Which will give you crystal clear picture about your project virtual visualization image. If you are satisfied with the first presentation of 3D visualizations then nothing better than this. But if you feel that it's not a match to your what you dream about your home of commercial interior project then discuss with your interior designer in more detailed. Do Not change your designer. Maybe drop conversation about your dream visualization regarding the project. After multiple meetings about design make sure that you and entire lovely family have clear vision about your dream home. enter image description here

Your role during execution:

Once decided to starting built up your dream interior project you should know the process of all required agency, selecting agencies, material purchase and payment. Now you are one of the team members of built up team.

You are providing opportunity to serve in your dream interior project in terms of work, money and happiness to members who are working for your dream interior project home or commercial. Equally strong part of finance makes a project smooth and hassle free. Keep project finance in your account handy to pay from time to time. During execution fix some weekly visit time with your interior designer and make sure that work is going as per received final design drawings and as per decided in meetings. Always keep your eyes on dimensions too. During execution you found some error or mistake than inform your interior designer. Do Not argue or point out direct to agencies. It may disturb while working system flow. Market it too wide in terms of selection and prices. Before finalizing any material please keep an eye on your submitted costing sheet. If you don't have access to money flow, then stick to your costing sheet. And purchase material as per your budget. enter image description here

Because the market is full of options and variety. Expensive products are very tempting and they are memorizing. That time people forget that it is beyond their budget. Same time if you are money saver even that time also you need to take care of purchase. Because low price materials may look attractive but at the same time you are compromising with quality and strength.

Happy Interior Projects .

Principal Architect and Interior Designer - Sonal Patel

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